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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sci-Fi Reality

The Bicentennial Man- SciFI


Scifi- MegaTowers

Reality- Burg al Khalifa

Scifi- Water Colonies

Reality-Hydro Palm


Had enough? Want more proof? I think not.
What we plebians, who had the (mis)fortune of being born in the 80's, thought as sci-fi/only in movies/crazy scientists/wild imagination have now come into actual reality. Mankind has pushed the frontiers of science and our world further and further in hope to understand its own existence.
The Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence(SETI) was nothing but a faint/failed attempt to prove that we are not alone in the entire Universe. Now, we have proved it with actual facts. Microbes on Mars, Water on Moon, distant galaxies with Earth-Like atmosphere..The stuff of science fiction has hit the present..


Had any of us ever imagined that we would have knowledge on our fingertips(WWW), that Skynet(Internet) like intelligence was possible, Teleporting(3D Printers) was possible, Flying cars(Terrafugia) was possible, Regeneration(Stem Cells) were possible in real life? We used to pay a lot of money to watch movies depicting them.Now its boring old stale news.

I personally feel that if someone had told me I would be able to gather knowledge about a mountain in South America, look at it, watch it erupting, read about it etc, I would not have believed that person and would have labeled him "Chemically Imbalanced" [:)]

Anyone who has watched "Future Weapons" series on Discovery would know that Star Wars.. nay.. Star Trek weapons and devices are already in prototype mode or even being used in real War. Predators, Laser Guns, Enhanced Armour(Crysis), Invisibility Mode, Mach 5 planes are no long UFO myths. They are actual reality.

Clones(Star Wars-Attack of the Clones), Cyborgs(Robocop) and Centurians are no longer just cartoons or fiction, they are as much real as you and me.

Anyone knows Cyberman, the tv program in which a guy used to enter a computer and fight virus monster? Arn't we doing that everyday on our computer( well its not just as simple as playing a few string and Voila! your inside the pc but still..)

HOW Exciting isnt it? Barely able to keep our joy inside us :)

However, Me being Me, cannot finish a blog without showing you the other side.

Medieval medicines are still in practice, medieval ways of living and thinking are still in practice, superstition and blind faith are still in practice, inhospitable living environments are still present, people are still dying because of lack of proper medical treatment.
While kids in cities play with Hi-Fi toys, kids in some areas of Africa have only a human skull as a toy.

Do not we as all human deserve to share the same future as our peers?
Are not we obliged to give back to the society what was developed for them in the first place? Or should that be the prerogative of the privileged class?

Should Future be welcomed by a chosen few? or Should it be embraced by the whole mankind?

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  1. Future should be embraced by the whole mankind .. infact, Future should be such that it can be embraced by all.. Whats the point of having hi-tec stuff on one end and a whole continent full of people struggling to even get one square meal a day .....