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Monday, April 9, 2012

Long Lost Love

I loved her so much
So much I love her now
Time has been standing still
I love her very much still

We never were very close
It was an illusion I chose
above the reality of truth
it made my heart to soothe

So enamoured I am with her
So much in love
She has no idea about it though
about my feeling or my hearts throes

I call myself a fool
to love her so
And a bigger fool
To not let her go

Its hard to hear of her
as a stranger once more
Happiness and sadness exist together
I have experienced it so.

Her disarming smile,
her frowning face,
her childish tantrums,
her innocent ways
I remember them as if it was yesterday
I remember her as it if was yesterday
She is my
long lost love

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