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Friday, April 20, 2012

Ti Amo

Ti Amo

This is a poem
Written out by me
At a time I was feeling blue
And also without a clue
As to what went wrong
Between candy and chocy
I would give a lot to know
Why everything became so rocky

You and I were different
I cannot deny you that
But the point was to make it work
Even after that.

If you were confused
Then why did not you tell
I poured my heart out to you
And now it feels like hell.

Your sorry will not help me
To forgive about those things
Those times are the ones I cherish
And the feelings that it brings

For you are the one I love
Without a tense attached
Without you I feel so lonely
Miserable and detached

You are the one and always will be
The person to whom I gave my heart
And although you may not feel the same for me
Whenever you call I will come to thee

For love need not be a 2 way street
Love doesn’t require a return
Even though we may not meet
It is a feeling that eternally burns
Within my heart.

I still don’t know what went through your mind
But you have stolen my peace of mind
Everything I see or hear reminds me
You and everything that could be

I may never know why it didn’t work out
There will always be in my mind a doubt
As to why did you do what you did
Why did you keep your confusion hid
That one mistake of yours
Had ruined my heart and mind
But at least I lived a life in which I loved
And experienced ….briefly
The Divine.

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