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Friday, December 4, 2015

Don't ask, Walk

A step to another
Hopes strung together
A man walks ahead
Prior baggage shed
Ignoring the wondrous eyes
Singing to the passer-bys
“Don’t ask, walk”.

Most of us in our lives
Don several masks at once
Seeking to fit in for a while
Pasting on a fake smile
A mask once put is a devil’s call
To the true angel within, a fall.
“Don’t ask, walk”

We fall in love,
We change for love,
Forgetting the one we were
A shadow of our precious self
Wanting to impress a world
Itself in a state of whorls.
“Don’t ask, walk”.

Let the past be where it was
Let the future be as it will
With a string of hope lighting the way
Don’t bother about what people say
Up the path you merrily go
Let people point and gawk

“Don’t ask, walk”.

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